Free BANS-183 Solved Assignment English Medium (2020-21)

B.A.N.S-183 TOURISM ANTHROPOLOGY Assignment – I a. Discuss the relationship between anthropology and tourism. Ans – Anthropology seeks to understand the lives of human beings in time and space. Time basically reflects the geological time scale that involves the study of human evolution, growth and variation. Space deals with the ecological and environmental relationship of […]

Free BANS-183 Solved Assignment Hindi Medium (2020-21)

B.A.N.S-183 पर्यटन मानवविज्ञान सत्रीय कार्य-I 1- मानवविज्ञान और पर्यटन के बीच संबंध पर चर्चा करें। उत्तर – मानवविज्ञान समय और स्थान (टाइम स्पेस) में मनुष्य के जीवन का अध्ययन करता है| समय मूल रूप से भूवैज्ञानिक समय के पैमाने को दर्शाता है जिसमें मानव की उत्पत्ति, विकास और भिन्‍नता का अध्ययन शामिल है। स्थान, मानव […]

Free BGDG-172 Solved Assignment English Medium (2020-21)

B.G.D.G-172 GENDER SENSITIZATION: SOCIETY AND CULTURE Section – A 1. Critically evaluate the concepts of masculinity by giving suitable examples. Ans – The word masculinity is the noun form of ‘masculine’ which means having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with men, especially strength and aggressiveness. That is masculinity is primarily associated with traits and qualities […]