IGNOU & Indian Air Force: Skill Programs for Agniveers

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Admission Portal Launched: IGNOU Collaborates with Indian Air Force to Offer Skill-Based Programmes to Agniveers

Admission Portal Launched: IGNOU Collaborates with Indian Air Force to Offer Skill-Based Programmes to Agniveers

In a significant stride towards enhancing the educational prospects of the Agniveers within the Indian Air Force, the Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) has unveiled a pioneering initiative. Marking a historic occasion, the esteemed university has forged Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with all three branches of the Indian Armed Forces – the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force. This collaboration seeks to provide skill-based Bachelor degree programmes, empowering the Agniveers to acquire valuable qualifications while serving the nation.

The programme catalog boasts a diverse array of courses tailored to marry academic disciplines with practical skills. These programmes have been ingeniously christened to reflect their applied nature:

  • BAAS: Bachelor of Arts (Applied Skills)
  • BAASTM: Bachelor of Arts (Applied Skills) Tourism Management
  • BAASMSME: Bachelor of Arts (Applied Skills) MSME
  • BCOMAS: Bachelor of Commerce (Applied Skills)
  • BSCAS: Bachelor of Science (Applied Skills)

This groundbreaking initiative is a synergy of conventional academic courses and contemporary skill-oriented training. A comprehensive curriculum, spanning a total of 120 credits, has been curated. Half of these credits, 60 in number, are offered by IGNOU, while the remaining 60 are conferred through in-service skill education delivered by the Armed Forces.

A hallmark of this collaboration is the accreditation of the Armed Forces’ skill courses by the National Council for Vocational Education and Training (NCVET), the authoritative body governing skill-based education. Aligned seamlessly with the guidelines articulated in the National Education Policy 2020, these programmes represent a harmonious merger of higher education and vocational training.

This symbiotic endeavor bears the potential to yield manifold benefits. Firstly, it empowers Agniveers with the opportunity to obtain a coveted Bachelor’s degree while actively serving in the Armed Forces. This not only enriches their professional profile but also augments their post-service employability.

The momentous launch ceremony took place on the 1st of August, 2023, within the sprawling premises of IGNOU. Presiding over the ceremony were Prof. Nageshwar Rao, the Vice Chancellor of IGNOU, and Air Marshal S K Jha, PVSM AVSM, representing the Indian Air Force. A key highlight of the occasion was the inauguration of an exclusive Admission Portal, meticulously tailored to cater to the unique needs of Agniveers.

The launch event drew a distinguished audience, attesting to the gravity of the collaboration. Notable attendees included Pro Vice Chancellors, Directors of Schools and Divisions, Regional Directors of all the Regional Centres, and senior officers from the Indian Air Force. This strong presence affirmed the collective commitment towards the advancement of education within the armed services.

In conclusion, the IGNOU’s collaboration with the Indian Air Force, as well as with the other branches of the Armed Forces, signifies a paradigm shift in military education. By fusing academic rigour with practical skill acquisition, this initiative promises to mold a cohort of Agniveers who are not only adept professionals but also possess a well-rounded, versatile skill set. It’s a stride towards holistic growth, where education seamlessly integrates with professional and personal development.