10 Initiatives to Support Women in Technology

There’s no doubt that the tech industry has a diversity problem. Women are vastly outnumbered by men in most technical fields, and even when they are present, they often face discrimination and exclusion. But there are a growing number of initiatives aimed at supporting women in technology, from grassroots movements to top-down corporate policies. Here are 10 promising initiatives we’ve seen so far.

1. The Women in Tech Global Conference

The WomenTech Network is leading the charge to unite 100 000 women in tech globally to foster innovation with purpose and impact. Women in tech are making a powerful and positive impact on the tech industry, becoming more involved in every aspect of the tech world – from coding to leading companies. It is inspiring to see so many women putting their skills and determination to work, driving real change and creating meaningful results. This Women in Tech Conference is an opportunity for all of us to celebrate the amazing achievements of women in technology and learn how we can make even bigger strides into the future together.

2. Coding Girls

The mission of Coding Girls is to empower girls to get started in coding and increase the number of women in technology. By providing workshops and starting Coding Girls Communities (CGCs), Coding Girls are determined to create a better balance between men and women in tech and to ignite girls’ passion for coding. Though it began as a small workshop with fewer than 20 participants, Coding Girls have already achieved impressive reach, showing that their mission resonates with many females all over the world: let’s make history together and become role models for future generations!

3. Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Conference

To pay tribute to the legacy of Grace Hopper and motivate future female tech leaders, Dr. Anita Borg and Dr. Telle Whitney founded the iconic event known as the ‘Grace Hopper Celebration’ (GHC) in 1994. At its core, this flagship initiative shines a light on women’s research and career paths within computing while also celebrating their vital contributions to technology across the globe.

At the Celebration, attendees are able to come together to share ideas and collaborate, while also gaining both mentorship and meaningful connections.

4. Black Girls Code

Black Girls Code’s ambition is to further its reach and maximize the efficacy of its core programming by advancing the learning experiences both on-site and virtually. In order to accomplish this goal, they are taking revolutionary steps towards rectifying the disparity in opportunities available for black women and girls. This is why Black Girls CODE strives to demonstrate that these young ladies can not only learn how to code but also become trailblazers, innovators, and engineers – all while paving an impressive future ahead of them!

5. Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code is creating the most expansive pipeline of potential female engineers globally. Its ambition is to eradicate the gender disparity in technology and challenge what it means to be a programmer. Already, Girls Who Code has over 8500 programs spread out across the globe and continues its expansion at an impressive rate!

6. Executive Women in Tech

Executive Women in Tech (EWIT) is an initiative that elevates the visibility of female executives within the tech industry. By highlighting their inspiring stories and paving the way for more women to join executive positions, this initiative hopes to inspire other women to pursue leadership roles and create a better balance between men and women at executive levels across all sectors. The initiative offers resources and mentorship to help female tech executives reach their full potential.

7. Black Women in Tech

Through the Black Women in Tech campaign, Women Techmakers is actively striving towards a more equitable and inclusive future for Black women. By providing community support, resources, and advocacy within and beyond the tech industry, this initiative seeks to increase the representation of Black women while cultivating an environment where everyone feels


8. Women in Tech Global Awards

The virtual women in tech awards ceremony honors the most accomplished women and allies through an interactive platform that features live ceremonies, keynotes, engaging panels, fireside chats, and networking with face-to-face sessions. Taking such initiative is essential for gaining recognition of female accomplishments in technology. This serves as a driving force to embolden girls and young women, showing them that anything is achievable when you put your mind to it. Celebrating successful tech-savvy females encourages more people to recognize this fact – dispelling any misguided beliefs that success isn’t possible due to its gender links. By recognizing excellence, we can motivate and empower more women to pursue their dreams! Solet’s make history together and become role models for future generations!

9. SheCodes

SheCodes is a global organization that focuses on teaching software development skills to girls through fun and interactive coding courses. By making coding more accessible and providing support networks, SheCodes hopes to empower young women worldwide by preparing them with technical knowledge as well as inspiring confidence in their abilities. The initiative seeks to reduce the gender gap in tech by giving young girls the opportunity to learn how to code in an encouraging and supportive environment.

10. Chief in Tech Summit

The Chief in Tech Summit is one of the world’s largest events gathering female executives around the globe. Through an invitation-only platform, this summit connects top female tech leaders with one another and provides resources to help them advance their careers. The aim of this conference is to nurture a global network of powerful women in order to empower each other and create a strong voice for change.

These are just some of the amazing initiatives that offer programs from empowering young girls to connecting senior-level professionals, these initiatives have contributed greatly towards increasing representation and opportunities for women across all sectors within technology. This has been instrumental in creating a more diverse and equitable future for everyone involved with technology!

Have you come across any other inspiring initiatives and communities? We’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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